Cretek Machine Facilities

  • ID Solution

CNC BTA Deep Hole Drilling

Drilling dia. 35 MM to 320 MM X length up to 8000 MM from one side

Component OD up to 1000 mm 

NC Horizontal Honing

Honing Dia. 25 mm to 500 mm x Length up to 6000 mm (both side 12000 mm) long

CNC 3 Axis Gun drill

Drilling capacity from 3 MM to 40 mm up to length 1600 mm.

Table size 2400 mm X 1400 mm 

1 Axis Gun Drill

Drilling dia. 4 mm to 35 mm X length up to 2000 mm 

Swing over dia. up to 250 mm


  • OD Solution

CNC 3 Axis Turn Mill

SMEC(Samsung) PL60LM-South Korea

Machining dia. up to 900 MM x  Length up to 3200 MM.

Swing over dia. up to 1000 MM

CNC 4 Axis Turn Mill

SMEC(Samsung) SL2500BY-South Korea

Machining dia. up to 360 mm X Length up to 530 mm.

Swing over dia. up to 650 MM

CNC Turning

LMW LL20TL5 - India

Machining dia 360 mm X Length Up to 500 mm 

swing over dia max up to 510 MM

VMC 4 Axis

Feeler - VMP50(A) - Taiwan

Table size 1300 mm X 610 mm X 610 mm

  • Conventional Machining Solutions

Conventional Lathe 30 Feet 

Turning Max dia 650 mm X Length upto 8500 mm

Conventional Lathe 12 Feet

Turning Max dia 300 mm X Length upto 2500 mm

Automatic Bandshaw

Cutting application Cutting max dia. 450 mm

Radial Drill

For Conventional Drilling Solution.

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